Peru #1 finished

I took Peru #1 off the loom yesterday: I have named this scarf Lucia after the Peruvian woman who led the rescue horse on our trek.  Her colourful clothes and hat standing out in contrast to the tree-less rocky environment. She walked and skipped easily up the 5,000m passes as I climbed steadily and slowly. Thankfully her services were not needed!

Technically I have sorted out many things through this weave, not least the complexity of tie-ing up 10 shafts to 10 pedals.  My biggest learning has been around the actual weaving, throwing the shuttle; the last bit really.  Ideally I need quiet steady hours at the loom interspersed with exercise and calm!  If I miss a day or two or get tangled in other ‘stuff’ then my weaving is not so even.

© sue orton

colour explorations

Colour and weaving explorations for Peru1. These pictures are from a sample made on my Louet Kombo 40 loom using just 5 of the 8 shafts. The whole process of winding a warp, threading and sleying onto the loom has been a refresher too. It feels like I’m gathering up the learnings from my Diploma again and bedding them in.  I’ve been working on designing in the tie-up too which is difficult. I have rethreaded all 8 shafts now and will be looking at new designs.

© sue orton

weaving again

The winter was a fallow time for weaving for me.  Now inspired by a long planned trip to Peru, I am back designing again.  Creative confidence is for me a transient thing.. getting it back has been mixture of dogged persistence, encouragement from an experienced weaving buddy and just getting in my studio. I’ve spent last week wandering through Peru shapes pictures, journal entries and poetry; making potato cuts of hats, Inca shapes; browsing patterns and designs to translate into cloth. I have extended my colour palette too from Knoll Yarns.

© sue orton