612 #2 finished

After a busy summer term mentoring, weaving is now centre stage. Phew I have missed it.  Yesterday I finished 612 #2 at last. I have realised that taking weaving in short burst of a day here or an hour or two there plays havoc with my weaving rhythm and confidence.  The last few days have been all about settling into the weave and relaxing. I’m really noticing the stress fall away.  After a great day with a weaving pal I am now excited about further designs and colour explorations. So here are the results:

@ sue orton 2016

612 design: #2

This time I had a much better warping process; learnings from #1 settling in.  This will be quite a technical post for weavers amongst you.   Two warps this time.  Raddle and sorting crosses a little further away from the ends of the warp; there is still fine tuning to be had here.  I have also used 4 threads for counting and for the raddle cross corresponding the sett [8 ends per cm].  The main change has been to winding on, thanks to my weaving pal Julia.  She suggested putting the raddle cross sticks closest to the back beam and then suspending the raddle just in front of it, brilliant.  The wind on just completed.  Tomorrow threading and sleying then weaving.

© sue orton

612 design: #1

Yesterday I finished weaving #1 of my 612 design. It came off the loom at tea time, washing and drying took the rest of the day; I’m quite pleased with it.  Technically the size, base pattern and the weave structure work, although I wonder if a little wider selvedge might improve things.  The big twill pattern I like, it works with some colours better than others.  As for the sett (for knitters, this is like the tension) I might try it a little looser although the drape of the merino wool is fine now it’s finished.  Then to the colour: it does reflect my design source but I’m thinking that some combinations are a bit flat, especially the citrus band. Colour combinations to be explored in #2 on. Let me know what you think.

© sue orton