about me

artist and weaver 

Weaving is my hearts work. I weave both loom and tapestry, with wool and bamboo and I also work with willow and hedgerow materials making baskets and forms. I weave journey sticks and totems.

My work begins by watching and sensing, noticing spaces, colours, and often feeling and responding to changing seasons reflected in the sea and South Downs in Sussex where I live. Walking and stillness all help me gather moods, colours and textures. I draw, make notes and take pictures.

The process of weaving is to find some inspiration from an object, my photographs, pictures, writing or some thing that intrigues me … then to sketch, to explore shape and allow ideas to emerge. Once this happens, I play with colour and weave structure, consider materials, scale and form then sample some ideas to develop and make each piece; it seems to take about a month for each.

humanistic psychologist

For 30 years I have worked as a humanistic psychologist and creative facilitator. Now my primary focus is weaving but I balance my life with creative facilitation through Facilitation Matters.

LogoonWhiteFacilitation Matters: collaborating with you to create healthy, authentic and productive workplaces; a collaboration with Noelle Branagan.

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