612 design: #2

This time I had a much better warping process; learnings from #1 settling in.  This will be quite a technical post for weavers amongst you.   Two warps this time.  Raddle and sorting crosses a little further away from the ends of the warp; there is still fine tuning to be had here.  I have also used 4 threads for counting and for the raddle cross corresponding the sett [8 ends per cm].  The main change has been to winding on, thanks to my weaving pal Julia.  She suggested putting the raddle cross sticks closest to the back beam and then suspending the raddle just in front of it, brilliant.  The wind on just completed.  Tomorrow threading and sleying then weaving.

© sue orton

Author: sue orton

I am a weaver and creative facilitator Based in West Sussex UK.

2 thoughts on “612 design: #2”

  1. Thank you. Yes warping is something you don’t get much help with in classes as the looms are often threaded. I’m happy to pass on my learnings. I don’t use any mechanics to get the tension. This time with the raddle cross and raddle close to the back beam, I spread the warp and weight both over the front. If I am alone I tie a weight on each and then slowly wind on at the back and undo the warp at the front! It’s slow. This time I had help so one person sits at the front holding the warps under tension and one at the back. It takes about 1 hour this way.


  2. Nice clear photos and lovely colors for your warp. I’m admiring the even tension you achieved and wondering if you used a triangle to help? or some other means?…I weave but have a lot to learn about warping.


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