weaving again

Weaving has taken a back seat through the winter months. It took me a while to revive my creative energies after my Diploma and the fall out from that. I have also been busy with BIMM work mentoring in Bristol, Brighton and Manchester; I love it but it’s a very different energy from the quiet building and concentrated energy of weaving.  I’m noticing a transition going on as I move from the design ideas, colours and yarns of 2015 into now explorations.  Almost by accident I have just woven a piece which marks this and is giving me pointers for a new direction. My winter beach walks in wind and rain were often raw and seemingly colourless at first, they gave me the design idea. The cloth is an extended herringbone tweed pattern with a mix of left over colours from diploma projects; wool and bamboo; I’m pleased with it as it’s got me back excited about weaving again.

© sue orton

Author: sue orton

I am a weaver and creative facilitator Based in West Sussex UK.

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