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autumn explorations 1


Autumn colours strike mixed notes for me; inspiring in their richness, tempting to scuff and dance through, yummy fruit, wool and boots revisited, yet reflective and pausing as clocks go back.  Coppicing has begun. One of my favourite places is Tottington Wood in Small Dole. Woodlanders meet there every Sunday morning through the winter and celebrate the winter Solstice. My weaver has been gathering ideas this week too for an autumn tweed.

© sue orton


Author: sue orton

I am a weaver and creative facilitator Based in West Sussex UK.

2 thoughts on “autumn explorations 1

  1. Hi thanks for your comment. Coppicing is an ancient woodland management system. You can find out more:


  2. Such beautiful colors in your photos. I hadn’t heard the term “Coppicing” before. Is it like our selective cutting here in the states? Or more of a forest management program?


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